Tips & Recipes


If you have just bought our trout and don’t know how to prepare it, please find deliciously healthy recipes below. If you are like us, busy all day and hardly have time to think what to cook for supper until it’s almost mealtime, then you will love following tips.

Tip 1: our products are sold freshly frozen, meaning that they get frozen just hours after taken out of the water. To defrost our trout, float it in the packaging in cold water for 5 – 10 minutes.

Tip 2: If you have purchased our whole trout, please note that de-boning it is very easy once trout is cooked, do not attempt deboning beforehand.

Tip 3: do not overcook trout. Hot smoked trout is heat cured in the smoker, meaning it can be eaten straight out of the packet. However, out whole trout and de-boned trout need further cooking. Anything over 15 minutes is too long. Aim for 10 minutes at 5 minutes cooking time on each side.

Tip 4: If you love that golden crust on the skin, dip the trout you are cooking in polenta and shallow fry on hot oil – crunchy and delicious.

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Chefs all over the world, those really famous or slightly less, all love sharing their trout recipes online. They all love using trout as star of the dish or complimentary flavour to complex dishes. Trout is very versatile and can be used in virtually any dish. We will share our most cooked version of trout, however, please find collections of trout recipes we like on following internet pages as well:

Smoked Trout pate

It is finger licking good and very easy to prepare. What you need is 50 % hot smoked fillet, 25 % cottage cheese (you can use low fat or fat free options) and 25% butter, with touch of garlic, parsley, dill and pepper as per your taste.


As our hot smoked trout is salted already, please taste first and add salt if you wish.Blend until smooth (hand blender works as well as any big food processing machines).Serve on freshly toasted bread.

Smoked trout pate


Fried whole trout

In our family, we normally give a whole or deboned trout a dip in polenta (type of maize meal) and fry it in hot shallow oil for minutes on each side. Polenta makes a nice crispy skin. I serve with sauce made of olive oil, garlic, parsley and some salt.


Fried whole trout


Hot smoked fillet with Greek Tzaziki sauce

Place our smoked trout fillet on the plate and serve with fresh salad or spring vegetables. Tzaziki sauce is made of full cream plain yogurt and grated cucumber. Add garlic and parsley and some red smoked pepper to sauce in order to spice it up a bit.

Hot smoked fillet with Greek Tzaziki sauce


Stuffed de-boned trout

Open up the belly of trout and fill it with basically anything you can think of or anything you have available in the fridge. I prefer spinach and feta or bacon and mushroom options. Wrap up stuffed trout and bake in the oven or place on the braai grill for 12 – 15 minutes.


Stuffed de-boned trout