Table Trout

From health conscious people,

busy moms with limited time to prepare quick and healthy meals,

to pure food gourmets.

Each “Drakensberg Trout” is first grown by Peak Trout team in pristine waters then carefully processed in that deliciously healthy product.


Trout farming is possible only in areas where water is cold enough and clean from impurities. These conditions make trout a protein-rich food, filled with amino acids. Trout is a healthy choice of nutrition, packed with essential Omega fatty acids, that is easy and quick to prepare into versatile delicious meals. It is low in fat and high in the protein content and minerals. While smoked trout doesn’t even require further cooking, a whole trout only takes about 10 minutes to cook, making it healthy and convenient choice of meal for our busy lifestyle.


At Peak Trout we strive to produce only best table trout product. We use 100 % natural feed source with no chemically modified or artificial additives. Trout are then processed in top of the range, newly build abattoir at Ambleside Farm, meeting highest standards and regulations.


Each Drakensberg Trout product contains only 100% pure trout, with no additives, MSGs, Es or preservatives. Our smoked trout is brined only in salt water and then smoked with age old recipe with natural wood.


Our products are sold either in shops or to restaurants / catering companies.For prices and further details, please contact us on