Our Story


As every concerned mother about her child’s future, Simon’s mother once asked him what he would like to become when he grows up.“A professional fly fisherman” answered Simon.


Back in 80s, this was hardly considered as a profession. Worried mom tried to persuade Simon that he should chose professions like a doctor, accountant, lawyer… As much as Simon appreciated his moms’ concern and suggestions, he did not budge from his dream. Today he is one of fortunate enough, where his greatest passion pays the bills. His love for fish and fishing passed onto his family and Peak Trout is a family run business in every sense.


Peak Trout today is a story of unspoiled nature, as farms location is deep into the Cathedral Peak mountain escarpment and fed with pure and crystal clean water by Mlambonja river. It is a story of deep passion for fish farming and fishing, as trout farming is one of the most intense forms of animal farming. We love and care for every single fish for a whole year before sales at our table market and sometimes even two years before we release them into their new habitats in local dams.


We cater for two markets. One is distribution of live trout to some over 550 dams in KwaZulu Natal. The other, more recent one is processing of trout to be consumed as that perfectly delicious and healthy meal.


Should you want to find out more about trout farming, you are welcome to visit in person, as our doors are open. If we are too far, but you need more details, please send us an email to info@drakensbergtrout.co.za.


Yours truly,  Simon, Nina Bunn and John Bevan