Live Trout


We don’t just deliver our trout live to the waters in order to release them, but we do proper evaluation of waters we stock, propose optimum stocking plan as per water conditions and develop trust worthy relationship with trout lodges, fishing clubs and private dam owners. Our main rewards are feedback from anglers, when we find out about those big ones caught.


Simon Bunn and the team have been successfully stocking over 550 dams for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on producing prize winning trophy trout for the biggest competitions in the country, like Wildfly Corporate Trophy Challenge, Kamberg Trout Festival, Boston Challenge and many more.

Our trout allocated for live stocking are kept in separate ponds at low stocking density, to ensure their perfect physique as we release only best looking trout into dams that we stock. We do like stocking trout that we import from Denmark as they are fast growing, disease free and strong fighters at the end of the line.

Should you need a stocking plan or want to talk to us about any trout fishing topics, please send us an e-mail to